Home Additions Renovation Ottawa

Home Additions Renovation Ottawa

Home Additions Ottawa

Room home additions are a great way to increase your home’s market value and functionality. When considering home additions, you may want to perform the renovations on your own. If you require home addition in Ottawa, it’s best to get in touch with experienced professional home addition contractors. Listed below are a few tips to help you make informed decisions when it comes to planning home additions. Read on to learn more about what room additions can do for your home. We also discuss what to expect when hiring a contractor for your project.

Home Addition Ottawa


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    What are the Benefits of Home Additions

    Home additions offer numerous benefits for homeowners:

    More Room for Family & Guests

    Extra bedrooms and bathrooms are often the top reasons homeowners opt for additions. Your family may have outgrown your current space. Children sharing bedrooms may need their own rooms as they grow older. An aging relative coming to live with you may require accessible bathroom facilities. Adding a first-floor master suite can be ideal for empty nesters. With a home addition, everyone can spread out comfortably.

    Increased Home Value

    Investing in a home addition can boost your property value. Remodeling Magazine’s 2022 Cost vs. Value Report found the average home addition recoups 67.4% of its cost at resale. Contemporary open-concept layouts and luxurious master suites are especially desirable features that buyers are willing to pay more for.

    Customized Layouts & Finishes

    Unlike when you initially purchased your home, a home addition allows you to customize the layout and design details. Create an open floor plan that suits your lifestyle. Select high-end finishes like granite countertops and hardwood floors. Incorporate universal design elements like wide doorways and zero-step showers. Work with architects and contractors to make your ideal living space a reality.

    Better Home Functionality

    Is your current home layout more frustrating than functional? Perhaps the kitchen is cut off from family gathering areas. The laundry room may be inconveniently located far from the bedrooms. Important home offices may be crammed into tiny spare bedrooms. A home addition presents the perfect opportunity to improve your home’s functions for your household’s needs.

    Popular Types of Home Additions

    Some of the most popular types of home additions include:

    Second Floor Additions

    Adding a second floor is an excellent way to gain more living space without expanding your home’s footprint. It allows for creating additional bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs. This addition works well if your home’s foundation and roof can support another level.

    Master Suite Additions

    A master suite addition creates a luxurious private oasis just for you. It often includes a spacious bedroom, roomy walk-in closet, deluxe bathroom, and sitting room. It can be located on the main floor or as a second-floor addition.

    Sunroom Additions

    Sunrooms add a bright, airy living space that seamlessly blends indoors and outdoors. Walls of windows bathe the room in natural light while offering views of your yard or garden. Sunrooms function well as a family room, greenhouse, home office, or art studio.

    Kitchen Expansions

    For many homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Expanding your kitchen allows for larger food preparation space and dining areas. You can integrate modern features like spacious granite-topped islands, high-end appliances, and walk-in pantries.

    Bathroom Additions

    Adding more bathrooms can make your mornings and evenings less hectic. Extra toilets reduce waiting times for showers and baths. They also eliminate lengthy trips down hallways or between floors when nature calls at night.

    What are the Cost Factors for Home Additions

    Home addition costs vary based on the project scope, materials, and location:

    Square footage: Costs typically range from $150 to $400+ per square foot. More extensive additions tend to cost less per square foot than smaller projects.

    Materials: Using higher-end finishes like stone countertops and hardwood flooring raises costs. Luxury bathrooms with jetted tubs and steam showers also add expense.

    Labour: Complex structural work, extensive plumbing modifications, and specialty finishes impact labour expenses. The contractor’s skill level also affects rates.

    Permits: Building permit fees vary by municipality based on the addition’s size and construction details. Complex projects usually incur higher permit costs.

    Site conditions: Factors like sloped lots requiring retaining walls or poor soil needing extra foundations increase costs. Extensive landscaping and utility upgrades also raise the budget.

    Home Additions: Should You DIY?

    You can do a home addition yourself if you have the skills and know-how. Before starting, though, it is important to realize that the work can be dangerous and costly if you’re not skilled in certain areas. Also, hiring a professional to build a new room in your home can save you money, but you’ll be personally liable for mistakes. If you don’t have any experience with home additions, it’s also best to leave this work to professionals.

    Permits and building inspections are mandatory for home additions and renovations. A traditional building permit gives permission to construct home additions, while specialty trade permits will be required for plumbing, electrical and HVAC work. A licensed contractor can help you obtain all the permits required. Permits may vary from municipality to municipality, so check the local rules and regulations before starting the project.

    First, homeowners should check with local officials. Some jurisdictions require that you purchase a zoning license and conduct site inspections to ensure that your land system can support the addition. Building plans must also be submitted to local officials for review. These plans must show a drawing of the new addition and details on how to build it. Then, you can hire a contractor. This professional will complete the work and ensure everything is done correctly.

    A licensed contractor is required by law to make home additions. This license is necessary for most jurisdictions. You can find licensed contractors in your area by searching the Better Business Bureau and Office of Public Safety and Inspections. A licensed contractor will also have a master technician on staff to oversee the work.

    Income Suite Home Addition Service

    What is an income suite?


    An income suite, also known as a secondary suite, is a separate and self-contained residential unit within a property that is typically rented out to a tenant to help generate additional income. These suites are commonly found in single-family homes, where a portion of the house (such as a basement or an above-garage apartment) is converted into a separate living space with its own entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and living areas.

    Income suites can provide homeowners with a source of additional income by renting out the space to tenants, helping to offset mortgage payments or other expenses associated with owning a home. They are also a way to address the growing demand for affordable housing options by providing rental accommodations within existing residential properties.

    Overall, income suites offer a flexible housing solution that benefits both homeowners and tenants, providing additional income for homeowners and affordable rental options for tenants.

    Benefits of Adding an Income Suite to Your Property

    Additional Rental Income: Perhaps the most obvious benefit of an income suite is the opportunity to earn extra income by renting out the space. Whether it’s a basement apartment, a converted garage, or a separate guest house, an income suite provides a steady stream of rental revenue that can help offset mortgage payments, property taxes, and other expenses associated with homeownership.

    Increased Property Value: Adding an income suite can significantly increase the market value of your property. Not only does it expand the functional living space of your home, but it also enhances its appeal to potential buyers who may be interested in the prospect of rental income or living arrangements for possible relatives.

    Flexible Living Arrangements: Income suites offer flexibility in housing arrangements, allowing homeowners to accommodate various living situations. Whether you use the space to house extended family members or relatives, provide housing for adult children, or rent it out to tenants, an income suite can adapt to your changing lifestyle needs. 

    Enhanced Property Utilization: Utilizing unused or underutilized space on your property allows you to make the most of your investment. Instead of letting valuable square footage go to waste, an income suite transforms it into a functional and productive asset that serves both your financial and lifestyle goals.

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    Since 2008, we have helped homeowners increase their market value with home additions in Ottawa and a wide range of other renovation services. With our extensive portfolio of proven project management and construction experience, our team can bring your Ottawa home addition concept to creation.

    With an entire team of Project Managers, Engineers, Architects, Estimators, and Superintendents, your next home addition project will be in skilled hands. Get in touch with Home Addition Contractors if you’re thinking of starting your next project for home addition in Ottawa. Call today at 613-618-3124 or email [email protected].

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