If you’re interested in renovating your kitchen, the following guide will provide you with all of the trends you will be seeing in 2022:

  1. Glazed tile backsplash. Tiled kitchen backsplashes are not new however a gloss finish is becoming more popular and kitchen designs are moving away from matt finishes. Glazed tiles are ideal because they are easy to clean and they also reflect light around the room so your space will be both beautiful and clean. You can choose a bold glossy color like green or you can choose glazed white tiles if you prefer more of a muted appearance.
  2. Combining vintage and antique elements. This is a great way to create a warm environment that is both beautiful and inviting. Farmhouse kitchen furniture is especially popular so you can add antique and vintage furniture pieces into your kitchen to add character to your space. A scrubbed kitchen table, open shelving and a butler’s sink are all great ideas you can consider.
  3. Metal hoods. This can serve as a statement piece because it can provide your kitchen with shape and sculpture so it will look stunning and will attract the right attention. Eye-catching metal surfaces would be a great addition to any kitchen and statement metal hoods will be part of many kitchens in 2022.
  4. Layered lighting. It’s important that you get the right lighting for your kitchen as this is a space that you will use often so it’s important that your kitchen be bright. Lighting features can serve as light and statement pieces and this is especially true if you layer different designs as it will create a beautiful effect. Layering this aspect will allow you to design your kitchen successfully and you will also be able to define distinctive areas within your kitchen.
  5. Install a single open shelf. Multiple shelves are no longer trendy and the single open shelf is taking over because of its restrained appearance. This will help eliminate the risk of visual overload as bare wall spaces are becoming more popular going forward. A single shelf can be installed instead of kitchen cabinets to create a more relaxed appearance that is clean and modern.
  6. Incorporate natural elements. Not only are natural elements beautiful in terms of their aesthetic quality, they also provide a number of health benefits as well and this is why they are so trendy at the moment. The use of natural materials has actually increased quite drastically because of the pandemic and timber for example can highlight certain aspects of you kitchen while oak can provide you with wonderful texture.

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