A wet basement is a serious concern, and Titan Contracting provides basement renovations Ottawa residents can count on. If you are experiencing a wet basement, this issue needs to be addressed right away to prevent further damage and costly repairs. 

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In order to fix this problem, you must first find the cause of the problem so that you can apply the right solution and the following guide will provide you with more details regarding this matter. Of course, if you want to hire the professionals for your basement finishing, Ottawa relies on Titan Contracting for their basement solutions.

1. The slope of your patios and walkways

If pavers slope improperly toward your house, this can cause you to have a wet basement as rain can flow towards your property and into your house. You need to check on this aspect to monitor the slope and the solution is tricky because this can be a difficult problem to fix. Brick paver patios and walkways can sometimes be disassembled to create the proper slope and you may even create a small cut along the edges of your patio or walkways to direct water away from your house.

2. Driveway slope

This too is a common cause of wet basements as driveways that slope toward the house can direct water towards the home as it will drain downward and enter your basement. Pouring a small curb up against your house where the driveway abuts it is one solution you can consider as this will direct the water against the curb and cause it to flow down your driveway instead of towards your basement wall.

3. Downspout discharge from your roof

Improper discharge of the roof gutter downspout is a serious problem which can lead to floods as water will be dumped right at the base of your foundation. The large amounts of water that flow off your roof can lead to big headaches so you need to equip any downspouts with long extensions that are horizontal as this will help channel roof water away from your home’s foundation. It’s also important that you ensure your gutters are clean so that you do not experience problems with flow.

4. A neighbour’s runoff

It’s possible for water to be directed towards your house from your neighbour’s property and this happens a lot whenever the lots are small and the houses are very close together. Discussing this issue with your neighbour is best as most people will take the necessary steps to correct this problem. 

Basement Renovations in Ottawa

Waterproofing your walls and adding the right drainage features are very effective as these methods will help prevent basement water problems. It is best to have these installed at the time of original construction and Titan Contracting can help in this regard! We are experts when it comes to home basement renovations. Ottawa trusts our team for their basement finishing. Ottawa can count on our team to assist with water damage repair and preventative measures. 

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