The thought of renovating just one room in your house can seem daunting, let alone two rooms at once! Taking on two separate spaces may sound crazy at first, but there are many benefits to renovating your kitchen and bathroom simultaneously.

Combining projects is worth the effort, and here are the reasons why:

Save money

Renovation projects are costly, and splitting your projects will result in increased material costs. Additionally, some contractors charge more for smaller projects than for larger or more complex projects but working on several areas at once will cut down costs. Not only will this reduce the cost of materials but also the cost of labour. When you combine areas like your kitchen and bathroom, you can save on cabinets, tiles, fixtures, counters, and other materials.

Save time

The kitchen and bathroom are essential areas in any home and are the most used spaces. Renovating these areas will increase the value of your property, and while updating both at the same time can be a little bit challenging, completing them at the same time will save you time, and you won’t have to go through this process again. Choose a contractor who can work on both areas simultaneously because their ability to handle both tasks will reduce overall costs while saving you time. The cabinets in your kitchen and bathrooms can be built and installed at once, for example, and the same is true for tiles, any plumbing work and painting. Streamlined work will always prevent delays and headaches.

Create a cohesive design

  • project management
  • full service
  • subcontractors
  • free consultation on-site
  • no surprises

Each room can have a unique appearance, although it’s essential to use some of the same elements, patterns and colours to create a beautiful flow. Renovating your bathroom and kitchen at the same time will allow you to create projects that are in sync with each other, and you can match specific elements to create the perfect look throughout your home. Think of your vision and clearly define what you’re looking for to achieve the right design.

Ottawa General Contractors

If you are interested in renovating your kitchen and bathroom simultaneously, you must hire a company or contractor with experience completing successful kitchen and bathroom renovation projects. Along with a project manager, the expert team at Titan Contracting provides handyman skills with professional results. Whether your project requires carpentry, drywall or any range of high quality workmanship, our team can make it happen for you.

Here at Titan Contracting, we specialize in bathroom and basement renovations and will always provide you with your desired results. We will listen to your needs and take the time to understand your vision to ensure we include all the elements you want. We know how stressful renovations can be and will do everything we can to make the process smooth and stress-free.

Quality Craftsmanship in the Ottawa Area

We work to provide our clients with the highest quality of work possible—whether looking to remodel your living space or if you require a full design-build, contact us today to discuss your next renovation project!

Kitchen Renovation Contractor

Since 2008, homeowners in Ottawa have relied on our company for home builders who can help build the dream home they’ve always dreamed of. Many families who purchase a new home would prefer a custom home that more accurately reflects their personal style and taste. This involves home additions and kitchen renovations, where interior design and quality countertops are a necessity.

We have over 10 years of experience building beautiful kitchens. If you’re looking for a renovation company with many successful projects in their portfolio, the expert team at Titan Contracting is here to help!

Bathroom and Home Renovations in Ottawa

If you are considering a bathroom and kitchen renovations for your next home improvement project, Titan Contracting has the renovation services to help you achieve your vision. We have served clients in Nepean, Kanata, Orléans, and across Ontario. If you live near the Ottawa area, major renovation experience is our forte. Call today at 613-618-3124.