It is exhilarating and daunting at the same time to construct a custom home that meets your needs and looks like the dream house you’ve always wanted. It’s exciting because you are starting from scratch and can build the house of your dreams, but it can be intimidating as well.

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Don’t worry; you don’t have to do it alone. With extensive experience and years of expertise in home renovations or construction, you can find many reputable companies to help you with this. They can help you make informed decisions about architecture, design, and finishes. Also, here’s a list of things you should keep in mind while considering the house of your dreams. So you’d know what to talk about when collaborating with an architect. The list below offers home addition ideas for adding value to your home or making it stand out when building a house.

Unique Fireplace

One of the most important things to consider in a house in Canada is a fireplace. You can not only heat your home more efficiently with direct-vent gas fireplaces, but they also provide an added level of comfort. A gas fireplace, however, can provide a large amount of additional heat. This can provide enough heat for the whole house based on its BTU output, which ranges from 20,000 to 60,000 or more. 


In the summer, you and your family want nothing but to enjoy warm and sunny weather, and you’ll want a way to make the most of it. An outdoor dining area can be added to your patio. For entertaining and dining outdoors, you may also want to consider an outdoor kitchen, comfortable seating, and an outdoor fire pit. It’s also worth noting that patios are among the most desired features by buyers, meaning your home will increase in value as a result of the addition. 

Island Seating

In the present day, it has become an expected feature of many homes to have seating on an island, particularly in the kitchen. Another desirable design choice is open floor plans, which work well with island seating. Due to the fact that people spend more time at home now, these two factors go hand-in-hand as they allow your home’s spaces to serve multiple purposes. If you are interested island seating, learn more about our kitchen renovation services.


Some of the best ideas for modern homes include unique stairs that catch your eye. Funky staircases are a great way to make your home visually interesting. You can always use stairs for hidden storage if your new home follows a more traditional design path. Get creative with your stairs; they’re an incredibly versatile part of your home and can be the real game-changer!

Creative Lighting

Light! It can make a real difference. Your space’s ambiance is determined by lighting. It can transform the vibe from an intimate and romantic setting to a fresh and airy one or from a dynamic and spunky one. You can set the tone of your home in creative ways by consulting your architect. Decide whether to go for yellow or white lights or a combination of both.

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