Every season has its pros and cons when it comes to home remodels, although fall is generally considered the best time of year to renovate because contractors are not yet at their busiest. You will have a better chance of getting a construction start date when you speak to a builder during the fall, as opposed to contacting them between May and July, which is considered peak season.

To renovate in the fall, however, you will need to prepare in advance, and you will have to get estimates, financing, and contracts finished during the summer.


Fall is the last chance to break ground on outdoor projects before the weather turns cold, and you will be able to finish your project before the holiday season. Additionally, materials may be less expensive as this is considered a slow season for renovations, and it may be more affordable to complete home additions.


Winter, on the other hand, is the most underrated time of year to renovate. If your project is indoors and does not require warmer weather, you don’t have to wait for spring and summer for contractors to renovate. Believe it or not, winter can be the perfect time to complete construction. It’s the least popular season for renovation projects, and you can take advantage of this aspect. Come spring, your renovations will be completed.

You will have to deal with cold weather, but contractors don’t have as busy of a project calendar during the winter. You can reap the benefits of having their full attention to every detail of your renovation project. You may also enjoy improved speed of logistics when it comes to building materials and supplies. Winter is also a good time of year to pour concrete, and if your project is inside, winter might be the perfect time to schedule your renovation.


Summer is the most popular time of year to renovate, and many home addition projects start in June, July or August. Contractors will get the best weather during this time, although this season can be challenging because kids are home from school, and high humidity may interfere with painting jobs.


Spring is another busy season, and if you call a contractor during this time, you will not get a renovation date right away because they will already be fully booked. Spring offers ideal weather, as this season has the fewest extreme heat/cold days.

No matter which season you choose to start construction, preparation is a must, and planning ahead is very important if you want a stress-free experience. Complete all the necessary steps and get estimates, secure financing and look into permits, as this will help the process move along faster. From here, making home additions will be much more straightforward.

Working with the right team is also very important, and you can rely on the experts at Titan Contracting. We specialize in home additions, Kitchen renovations, and Basement finishing and will always provide you with the results you want. We understand home additions are a big investment and will always work with our clients to bring their vision to life.

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